Leveraging Exit Interviews for Recruiting and Retention

The retention of top-performing agents is crucial to the overall success of any brokerage. However,  every major brokerage is aggressively recruiting; there are going to be instances when agents make the decision to leave, pursuing new opportunities or changing career paths. While losing an agent can be challenging, it presents an excellent opportunity for brokers to gain insights through exit interviews.

**Why Conduct Exit Interviews?**

Exit interviews serve as an effective tool in assessing your brokerage from an agent’s perspective. They provide a chance to learn more about the workplace environment, management practices, professional development opportunities, and other factors that affect job satisfaction and performance. These insights can be used to make necessary improvements and reduce agent turnover.

More importantly, exit interviews help maintain good relationships with departing agents. The real estate industry thrives on networks and connections, and a departing agent could become a future source of referrals. 

**Exit Interview Questions for Real Estate Agents**

To make the most of these interviews, you need to ask the right questions. Here are 15 insightful questions that you, as a real estate broker, can ask an agent who is leaving your brokerage:

1. What is your main reason for leaving this brokerage?

2. Did anything specific prompt your decision to leave?

3. Can you describe your experience working at our brokerage?

4. What could we have done better to prevent your departure?

5. Did you feel like your needs and career goals were being met at this brokerage?

6. Did you feel that you received enough support and guidance from the management?

7. What did you value most about working with our team?

8. Were there any policies or procedures that you found difficult or cumbersome?

9. Did you feel you had access to adequate training and professional development opportunities?

10. Was there clear and constructive communication within the brokerage?

11. How was your relationship with your colleagues and superiors?

12. Were you satisfied with the technology and resources provided by the brokerage?

13. What suggestions do you have for improving the work environment or culture here?

14. What did you like the least about our brokerage?

15. Is there anything else you’d like to share or suggest before you leave?

These questions should be viewed as a guide, and the conversation should be open and relaxed to encourage honest responses. Remember, the main goal is to learn and gather insights that can lead to positive changes.

**The Impact of Exit Interviews**

While it’s important to focus on recruitment and retention, exit interviews should not be overlooked. They offer unique insights that can have a significant impact on your brokerage’s culture, work environment, and overall success. By conducting these interviews, you demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement, learning from each departure, and consistently striving to make your brokerage a more attractive place for real estate agents to grow and thrive.

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